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Hebe Headwear

The Pumpkin - Exclusive EDW (Everyday Wear)

The Pumpkin - Exclusive EDW (Everyday Wear)

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Unlike the changing colors of atum, The Pumpkin is here to keep those fall vibes alive all season!  What makes this rolled beanie part of the Hebe Exclusive EDW (Everyday Wear) line? It has to do with its DNA.

This beanie is constructed with a much thinner stitch, meaning that this beanie has almost double or triple the stitches of an original beanie. The detail is in the stitches and the hats are finished with a signature stainless steel tag that has been polished until it shines. I have personally been wearing this style of beanie for over a decade and have put it through the ringer. From long backpacking trips to cold winter days on the mountain, not many people can say that they wear or punish their hats as much as me.

This has been a style only a few have had the privilege to get their hands on due to the many hours in which it takes to create this masterpiece.

Like a great baseball glove this beanie takes time and respect to break in. With proper care it will last a lifetime and can be passed on to future generations.

Constructed from 100% Acrylic yarn, these hats can be washed and dried without the risk of shrinkage. Many of the very first hats I have ever made are made from this exact yarn and over a decade later, they are still my favorite beanies to wear and have held up extremely well. After breaking them in, the comfort is unbelievable and you too will find yourself never leaving home without them. 

From one beanie enthusiast to the next, please enjoy! 


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