About Us

The Hebe Headwear company planted its roots over a decade ago when a down to earth fun-loving man named Justin Hebert wanted a beanie to match his ski jacket. After not being able to find one anywhere he decided he would make one himself. That’s when he asked his mother to teach him how to crochet. What Justin didn’t expect was the hesitations his Mom offered, thinking crocheting was just for females. The stereotypes didn’t stop him from doing what he loved and when his older brother returned from college and wanted to learn to crochet too, the rest became history.

Under the Christmas tree laid a roll of yarn. Nestled in closely followed a crochet hook atop a book that read, “Crocheting for Dummies.” After a quick read and lots of practice a fire was lit. The first day back from winter break Justin couldn’t wait to share his new talent with the world and since that day Hebe Headwear has bloomed. Over a decade has passed since that December night with a lot changing along the way. Justin’s stitching and desire to change the outlook on crocheting has given birth to company with great morals and standards.

        It is the humble beginnings of Justin that has burned a fire not only offer the highest quality product possible but to also never forget to give back.