Support Knox's Rotationplasty Surgery

Support Knox's Rotationplasty Surgery

Join Hebe Headwear in supporting Knox! 50% of all sales made in March will be donated to Knox's Rotationplasty Surgery. 

 This is my nephew Knox Hebert. Knox is a 5-year-old boy who was born with PFFD/CFD as well as fibular hemimelia, which means he is missing his hip joint, femur and fibula on his right leg, causing that leg to be about half the length of his left leg. He has worn a prosthetic leg since he was 10 months old. Knox is a sweet kid who loves to run and play sports. However, to retain his mobility as he grows bigger, he needs to have a major surgery called rotationplasty. 

Simplistically explained, rotationplasty is a surgery in which the leg is partially amputated, rotated 180 degrees and reattached, resulting in the foot pointing backward. This new structure of the leg allows the backwards ankle to function as a knee. The foot slides into a prosthesis and is angled down, essentially acting like part of a lower leg and controlling the prosthesis. Rotationplasty allows people to function similarly to a below-knee amputee.

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