Love In Every Stitch

Here at Hebe we believe that the only way to get a truly unique and one of a kind piece of headwear is by making sure it's handmade and that's what we do.

Colorado Collection

Simple, a true Colorado native making Colorado headwear in Colorado!


Rolled Beanie

We live for the great outdoors and design the best headwear for whatever adventures await!

  • Beanies

    Can't beat the classic look and function of a quality beanie!

  • Slouchy

    The perfect relaxed fit made to be worn all day!


Custom Orders

100% customizable styles and sizes

Beanies, Slouchy, Rolled, Earflaps, Tassels, Headbands, and Scarfs

Handcrafted and delivered in a few weeks

Warm as hell

Made from premium yarn

One of a kind designs